Thursday, 31 May 2012

23rd Wedding Anniversary

A Love like ours is hard to find, I Love you more for thousand years to come.

Journey of 23 yrs of marriage are worthed, we are blessed of 7 kids a 5 girls and 2 boy's. it seems only yesterday when we started our life together a very simple love and life journey that we had travel together trough the years, we shared our tears and laughter,we argue sometimes but those arguments made us more stronger and tougher.

I look around us, our kids are now grown up, our eldest this year is 22,a nurse graduate,
our second daughter is now 20, graduating this year on 'computer science major in industrial computing',our third daughter is going 19, and will finish her 'foundation in science' and will take her degree on psychology' next year, our son is 17 and on fifth year high school,  planning to take 'risk management' and want to be a police officer someday, our second son he's 10, is now on fourth grade he's just a little boy but his dreams is bigger than him, our youngest the lovely twins they're now aged 8,and in the second grade the babies in the family and have so many dreams too.

Am so blessed by you ya ALLAH thank you for giving me this wonderful treasure, 'my family' the treasure that I would trade my life for them. if ever am given the second chance to live in this world again my only wish is to have them again in my life.

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