Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Rainbow of my Life

'How does it feels to touch a Rainbow?'............ when i was just a little girl i always dream of touching the rainbow  and there's so many question's in my head,where did it starts? and where did it ends? and i heard some people saying's that there's a 'pot of gold' at the end of the rainbow, they said there's so many hidden treasure at the end of the rainbow and anybody who find's it, will be the wealthiest man on earth. what a life if that's true, but that was a story i heard a long long time ago when i was just a little girl.

During my elementary we did have discussed about the rainbow in the class, our science teacher explain's to us about the rainbow, how many colors it consist and how did rainbow came out. its never been the same at all on what i heard before, it's so funny really, and we are told by our teacher that it has seven colors and we should memorize it, for we are going to have a quiz. i keep on memorizing those seven colors and for a 3rd grade pupil its difficult to memorized it, then my mom heard what am murmuring,she asked me, are you memorizing the color of the rainbow dear? and i said yes mom i keep on forgetting some of it. then my mom said it's your boyfriend's name hes Roy G Biv, i laughed and said when did i have a boyfriend mom? my mom answer'd me and said am giving you one, just remember that name and you will never forget those seven colors of rainbow. then i realized Roy G Biv are the color's of the rainbow, red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo and violet. 'thank you mom for my first boyfriend i had.'

Those days are so fast, and every time i saw a rainbow i smile and said to myself oh! my first boyfriend Roy G Biv and then i sing to myself 'somewhere over the rainbow way up high' a song that part of my growing up a song that my mom always sing's to us, i remember once my papa said to my mom, 'you are my rainbow', i laughed and said, mom do you look so many colors to papa? she just simply smile and said someday you will understand what it mean's, Long Live to both of you. now i do understand what it mean's for am inside the arch of the Rainbow.

My college days reflects a rainbow in my life, i met a man that brought so many color's to my life,and he said to me, am like a treasure at the end of the rainbow that he found, and i said to him then 'you are my rainbow'. and he became my hubby, when i remember those day's it always make me smile's. now me and hubby are surrounded by the seven beautiful colors of rainbow that makes our life wonderful,

we are blessed with seven siblings consist of five girl's and two boy's, i feel so lucky that am touching my rainbow the extra ordinary color's of my life thank's to ALLAH for giving me my RAINBOW the color's that i always had in my life since my childhood. thank you ALLAH for the blessing's of LOVE and HAPPINESS to my LIFE.

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